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The art of the DJ: Keeping the melody in-tact at all times while in the mix.

DJ/Artist Name: DJ Operator (DJ OP)

Music Style(s): House (hard, tech, minimal), Techno (hard, deep, minimal, tribal, electro)

Skills: DJ and Music Reviewer.

Currently: Spinning at a party near you- see the event calendar

Background: DJing since 1995, Tom started DJing house parties playing Booty-House. Eventually moved into the Techno scene in 1999 by joining the WNUR 89.3FM crew in Evanston. Moved out to Ames, IA in 2000 and spun at numerous house parties and the club La Boheme for a year. In the fall of 2001, Tom stayed in the Chicago area and played the Give Thanks parties while holding down a bi-weekly residency on WNUR 89.3FM and the rest is history. Tom resides in Chicago.

Influences: Richie Hawtin . Ben Sims . Luke Slater . G-Force . Matthew Dear . Isolee

History: Initially inspired by the sound of the blaring house music at many Evanston parties, Tom took a liking to DJing especially the YMCA parties for the youths until 1998. At that time, he discovered Techno and the Rave/Club scene. Wanting to learn more, Tom joined WNUR after a conversation with a friend who was an Industrial DJ for Streetbeat. After joining and apprenticing for a year, Tom was given his own radio slot during the summer of 2000 on Wednesday nights from 1-2am. People called the station looking for "the guy with the sexy voice". Through these experiences and countless trips to the record store, he has gradually developed an ear for the sounds of Tech-House, Techno, and Minimal Techno, which he perpetuates through every set on the 1s, the 2s, and even 3s and 4s.

Top 10 releases OF ALL TIME! (from a few years ago)
Richie Hawtin - Decks, Efx, and 909.
DieselBoy - System Upgrade
Stereolab - Emperor, Tomato, Ketchup
Boards of Canada - Geogatti
Paul Simon - Graceland
User (Dean Cole) - 13
Warp Compilations - 10+3 Remixes
Radiohead - Hail to the theif
Jeff Mills - Kat Moda EP
James Cotton - Mind Your Manners